band playing brass instrument

Like people, Music offers different styles and genres, which is great. There will always be the kind of music that will suit your personality. You could play rock, classic, hip hop and many more. Here in Project Free Sheet, we don’t limit our joiners on what genre they should play. We are very versatile and we hope that you are too. Because we encourage our students not to be limited in one genre only. There are so many genre in music which is why we can’t cover them all. We are not that big yet. But if there is a kind of music you are really interested in, you can request to our head to include this in one of our practices and sessions.


Originated in rural areas of United States. It is light and usually upbeat music composed of fiddle guitars, drums, keyboards.


 Medium to dark type music and the most common played since 1960’s. Rock music is commonly played with heavy drums, electric guitars and keyboard.


Combination of other music styles such as dance, rock, latin, country, and urban. It has rhythmic element that makes it catchy. There is no limit on what instruments you could use as long as it goes along with the song.


It could be urban or contemporary and mixture of both. R&B focuses on the vocals accompanied by upbeat music background. Most R&B uses electronic music effects to add as another element.


Classical music has a serious approach as it uses established principles from other genres. Most classical music are soft and light. Though we are already in the modern age, Project Free Sheet still loves to play classical music.

If there’s anything you want to play, feel free to approach us.