piano and music sheet

Music is a true wonder. It can make us sad, happy, depressed and fall in love. What a gift! Music never cease to captivate every generation on this earth. Every people has a music to share. It existed for a thousand of years or maybe more. Needless to say, music is an essential part of our life, without it our life will lose its color.

Project Free Sheet Org

No matter what instrument you play, you are welcome here as long as you love music. That is the only requirement to join us. Even if you don’t have instrument of your own, that’s not a problem. You can share ours for free. You maybe thinking, what’s the catch? The answer is NONE!

Hope For The Youth

We don’t want your money. Project Free Sheet Org is founded to help young people like us to find life’s direction through music. Being young and naive, young people might try things to escape their current life issues, the worst option would be drugs. According to statistics, more young people resort to drugs to have a sense of belongingness. But we know where this is going, and we know that the ending is not good. Project Free Sheet Org wants to help these young people find the sense of belongingness. And divert their anger and pain by playing music.

Get to know more how other’s fight drugs through music: