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Advantage Of Music In Society

We had the wrong image of music for the past years. It was blamed for drug abuse, depression, and suicidal tendencies. But on the other hand, if we see music differently, it can be a great advantage in our society. Music can build -and destroy, like a double-edged sword, it can kill or save us from harm. It is now the responsibility of adults like us to introduce it in such a way that it would be helpful. So let us shed some light about this issue. Why music is important and how it can be an advantage instead of being destructive.

It Generates Creativity

Soothing music helps us to think. We remember when we’re in college,  we usually play background music to set the mood for studying. And it is effective. Instead of using drugs, we turned to music to keep us awake and alive as we partake knowledge to prepare for our exams.

Understanding Patterns

Songs, sounds, and even noises have patterns. Same goes with music, it follows a pattern set by the composers. How is this helpful? Learning patterns is important because it prepares us for changes. Children will realize that nothing is permanent. Your current situation will change and you have to be prepared for the next one.

Improving Mind And Body Coordination

Playing an instrument requires you to have coordinated mind and body. This is not a talent because it has to be practiced. Your coordination increases every time you practice. When you play a guitar, specially in plucking, at first you will have a difficult time to play but as you practice, it becomes easier. The reason for that is the increased level of coordination of your mind and body. Somehow, playing an instrument, allows you to focus and meditate.

Improves Thinking Process

When you become a musician, you become more curious about other’s song. You’ll begin to ask questions. Why did he use this b flat instead of sharp? What is the meaning of the song? What kind of styles did he use to come up with this music? These are the kinds of questions you’ll ask your self. You’ll learn to decode and analyze somebody’s work. This is good for kids at schools. They will not be spoon fed but they’ll learn how to seek answers on their own. And in a time such as this, we need more kids like that.

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What Makes Spotify Awesome


Back then, we can only listen to certain genres of music by turning up the volumes of our record players or cassette players. There’s also a period where we can only listen to some genres of music via CD players or MP3 players. But now, we can listen to any genre of music by turning up the volumes of our radio devices that have long since upgraded from having AM frequency channels only and today’s generation most preferred mode of playing music – via digital music services like Spotify.

Now, you might ask: What makes Spotify awesome?

Well, it’s worth noting that Spotify can either be accessed in free mode or in premium mode – making it available for everyone to use, just as the company behind the well-known digital music service promised on their tagline.

In free mode, a user can play any kind of music on desktop mode, where one can play songs from an album or from a playlist; or on mobile mode, where one can only shuffle play songs from an album or from a playlist. Songs can also only be played in normal mode, just as you hear on the radio.

In premium mode, a user can play any kind of music on both desktop mode and mobile mode. One can still choose to shuffle play songs from an album or from a playlist by clicking on the shuffle button, though. Songs can also be played in high-definition mode, just as you hear on the studio.

Other key features of Spotify include social media access/social media sharing, where one can log-in using a Facebook account/where one can share embed Spotify playlist Tumblr; following/followers, where one can see what others are playing in real-time/where others can see what one is playing in real-time; and a whole lot more – all of which makes Spotify a force to reckon with in the music industry.

Are you a Spotify user? If yes, what do you think makes Spotify awesome?

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